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Officially launching into Australia in January, DEPOT Male Tools & Co is set to make waves by bringing timeless and contemporary style back to mens grooming products. Designed and manufactured in Milan with bespoke formulations, fragrances and packaging, the brand has proven to be a global success and this success is now available to professional barbers + salons Australia wide.

DEPOT® celebrates the tradition of men’s grooming with an advanced and comprehensive concept.
The sophisticated yet simple targeted products that make up the range are modern must-haves based on traditional formulas: true classics updated for today’s man.

DEPOT® offers a complete range of men’s products
 to meet the demands of a changing men’s market, moulded to fit their needs. Specific, high quality products with a strong identity were created for demanding professionals in the male market. Revisiting the original formulas of classic men’s grooming treatments, with modern, sophisticated 
and technologically advanced reinterpretations.