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In an age where plexes are as essential to blondes as air is to humans, health and integrity of the hair has become paramount. Luckily, milk_shake’s professional and home haircare ranges have formulated unique, patented technology  that ensure the utmost integrity of the hair without having to compromise on performance.

Milk_Shake Creative Permanent Colour

Not all colours are the same, let us introduce you to a permanent colour without comparison…. With milk_shake Creative you can expect a brilliant colour result that delivers sublime brightness and guaranteed duration. Merging nature with technology, this honey fragranced colour contains 18 amino acids derived from wheat and soybean which eliminate the need to use any animal derived keratins… Formulated with a new concept of molar balancing to achieve more vibrant colours and high quality pigments that ensure grey coverage and optimal duration.

Milk_shake Smoothies Semi-Permanent Colour

A gentle, ammonia free, semi permanent cream colour that harnesses organic honey, milk proteins, sun flower oil, amino acid complex + fruit extracts. Smoothies offer versatile, glossy + vibrant hair colouring that improves the expression of colour. It’s unique formulation allows for the utmost respect for the hair structure leaving hair shiny, vibrant + conditioned. To add to Smoothies uniqueness, each colour series is also represented by it’s tonal fragrance, e.g: Chocolates are chocolate scented, Reds are strawberry scented,  making for a unique + sensorial experience for your salon clients.

Milk_Shake Direct Colour

The milk_shake Direct Colour conditioning base is enriched with milk proteins, shea butter, argan oil + the exclusive Integrity 41* antioxidant complex for improved colour stability. Completely ammonia free, it does not require the use of oxidising agents. Formulated with high quality pigments, this product is designed to: intensify a shade after the colour service: assist in colour correction: refresh colour: tone bleached or highlighted hair: introduce clients to a colour service with no commitment + more!  20 intermixable nuances allow total creative freedom for the adventurous hairdresser. Mix with milk_shake Whipped Cream to create a unique ‘Colour Cocktail’ for your clients to offer a multi sensorial experience.

Milk_Shake Retail Range

If you haven’t yet heard or seen of the milk_shake hero products, Whipped Cream and Incredible milk, be warned, you soon will! WINNER of the 2016 Beauty Shortlist Awards, Incredible Milk credits its winning formulation to a blend of exotic active ingredients including Muru Muru Butter, glycolic fruit extracts of blackcurrant, raspberry, mango and papaya and of coarse, the base for the entire line, milk proteins.

Thankfully delicious products like this don’t stop there. Offering home maintenance options to suit every hair type and treatment solutions like an active yogurt mask, muru muru butter, cocoa and papaya masks.


Via the unmistakable milk_shake fragrance and the unique in salon services that milk_shake provide, your customers will be pleasantly intrigued.

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