natural beauty without compromise


> Because we are dedicated to protecting the environment as much as we are to protecting hair.

> Because all of our products are made in Italy following the strictest guidelines provided by EU regulations to give you and your clients the best haircare experience possible.

> Because every day we are committed to providing excellent products and services while consistently working towards an eco-friendly approach to haircare.

> Because we want a sustainable future, for everyone, and our planet.


Feeding your hair is just as important as feeding your body. We know that you only want the best nutrition for your hair, too. That’s why we are committed to using high percentages of the best ingredients of natural origin which are often organic, and wherever possible our formulas are sulfate, paraben, and salt free.

  • Superfood for your hair
  • Designed to create sensorial happiness
  • Professional quality formulas
  • Kind on hair, people, and the planet
  • milk proteins and fruit extracts

    We belive that health is the cornerstone of beautiful hair, which is why all milk_shake products are crafted with your hair's health in mind.


    Reduce, reuse and recycle – everyone knows the catchphrase for a sustainable future when it comes to products. We know that packaging has an impact on our planet. That’s why we have chosen certain materials for our product packaging to significantly reduce the environmental impact of our brand:

  • the plastic bottles are made from 50% recycled plastic and can easily be recycled.
  • The percentage of 50% of plastic in milk_shake® packaging, in addition to ensuring a circular economy and reduction of environmental impact, is calibrated to guarantee compatibility with our cosmetic formulations, ensuring the safety of consumers and a further possibility of recycling after use, giving life to new products;
  • The plastic caps, tops and dispensers, if collected and recycled, can also become new products;
  • The aluminium and tinplate of the cans from the products packaged in this material are permanently available resources that can be recycled forever;

    We want our salons to look beautiful and to help you to have the best salon experience, sustainably. We are increasingly opting for beautiful, durable, long-lasting wooden and metal furnishing items, and many of our printed materials are made with uncoated FSC paper from sustainable forests that are managed with the strictest sustainability guidelines.


    We believe we all have a responsibility towards the planet, and to people. Over the years we have made contributions to charities to support our company ethic for social sustainability:

  • Since 2014, our milk_shake® Go Pink campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness has financed a range of charities to strive for the prevention of breast cancer as well as provide support to those affected, and to cancer research;
  • In 2017 we supported the fight against the extinction of polar bears due to global warming by becoming a Bronze Member of Polar Bear International;
  • In 2018-2019 the milk_shake® Love the Rainforest campaign supported the fight against the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in association with Amazônia Onlus;
  • In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we donated a total
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